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Price Waterhouse Coopers provides student with access to lots of useful information on career options, careers advice as well as tips on how to prepare for each step of the recruitment process.  The website is interactive and contains podcasts, live chats, videos and a number of different people profiles which enable students to get a real idea of the work done and the people at PwC.

Smallpiece Trust is an independent charity providing exciting programmes to promote engineering careers to young people.  Residential courses at universities take students interests in engineering a step further by exploring specific areas such as Aerospace or Supercomputing in Engineering, placing them alongside real engineers, professional and technical specialists.

Army Officer Insight courses A five-day residential course for potential recruits (14-19 years) interested in joining the Royal Signals. The course aims to provide the potential recruits with an overview of the opportunities available within the Royal Signals. Potential recruits can be loaded onto one of our courses through their local Army Careers Advisor (ACA)/ Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO). 

University Summer Taster Courses vary in length: some are one-day courses only, whereas others are held over a weekend, or sometimes over a whole week. There are also a number of summer courses available. You'll often have the opportunity to stay overnight on campus, and to meet lecturers and undergraduate students – while finding out what the course really involves.

EPOC Careers Conferences organises events for students who want to become doctors or lawyers. These events will help you maximise your chances of being accepted into the university and profession of your choice.  We help you decide whether medicine / law is the career for you and make the very best UCAS application you can.

Look at the Variety of Careers and Courses Available Through STEM Subjects

The virtual routes into STEM courses allows students aged 13+ to recognise the variety of opportunities available to them after taking their GCSEs, it will provide them access to key information on different pathways.

Yr12/13 - Inspiring STEM Futures - A Year in Industry

Connecting young people with industry and inspiring STEM futures.  Offering young people the opportunity to gain professional development by working in industry.

Gain an Insight into STEM Subjects at University

Insight into University is a comprehensive on-line course allowing students to experience STEM studies at university and the career opportunities that these subjects lead to.