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The Chalfonts Community College

Success is an Attitude!
Staff Governors

Personal Development

How will we develop you as an individual in the Sixth Form?

For our students, learning is not confined to what takes place within the classroom.  We aim to provide many extra opportunities for you to learn, and to develop your individual talents through real experience and responsibility.

Opportunities for learning include:

  • Residential visits, study trips or field trips in most subjects.
  • Sixth Form conferences on contemporary, cultural, moral and social issues designed to develop your leadership, teamwork, communication and study skills.
  • A Personal Development Programme which will allow you to take on real responsibility and serve the wider community, while also developing your own skills.
  • The Sixth Form Committee will give you the opportunity to play a role in addressing any issues affecting sixth form life.
  • The opportunity to be elected as a Curriculum Leader.
  • A high level of support from your own personal tutor, and expert careers advice and guidance to help prepare you for higher education, training or employment.
  • Work experience placements in some subjects.
  • Recreational sports and fitness activities using the facilities of The College and Leisure Centre. Social and charity fundraising events e.g. sponsored sporting events, the sixth form christmas pantomime, The Leavers' Ball.

How will you develop at The Chalfonts

Sixth form students play a major part in determining the success of this school. We are immensely proud of our current students, their predecessors and all of their achievements. We have high expectations of both students and teachers and we never settle for anything less than your personal best. 

As a sixth form student you will be treated with respect. You will be trusted and will enjoy privileges and freedoms which are not given to younger students. In return, we expect you to be a mature, responsible young adult and a good role model for younger students. 

Teachers enjoy working with sixth form students; they appreciate their maturity and the fact that they have chosen to continue their education. They want to communicate and share their knowledge and passion for their subject and will always go that extra mile to help and support you. 

All students are allocated a group tutor. Your tutor will be concerned with your personal welfare; they will support your learning, monitor your progress closely and help you to set targets to achieve maximum success. You will also be helped to develop the independent learning skills necessary for success with us and for the next stage, whether that is Higher Education or employment.

Student destinations in the last three years include a wide range of universities such as Kings College, Exeter, Manchester, Southampton, the Royal Veterinary College and Brighton School of Medicine. With an A Level A*-B pass rate of 46% and an A*-E pass rate of 97%, plus a long-standing reputation for excellence in vocational courses we are confident that we have a recipe for success.

How much would you like to be a part of it?

Mr M Way (BEd Hons), Leader for 6th Form