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The Chalfonts Community College

Success is an Attitude!
Staff Governors


At Chalfonts Community College we are proud of our school and all that it represents.

Below you will find quotes from a variety of parents, students and external sources.

All of these help to highlight and endorse the unique feeling that the college strives for and creates.

"Success is an Attitude"  We believe we instil that in all aspects of college life. It is amazing what can be achieved by 'going the extra mile'. 

Achievements & Success 

"Our son was supported magnificiently; the education he received and the aligned pastoral support saw him blossom from a lad who wouldn't go to school for a week after he failed the eleven plus through to a lively, confident teenager. We remain very grateful that he had such a well rounded education that has set him up for life."

"My daughter achieved 3 A grades at A level, got a first class honours degree in Geography, followed by a 2 year post grad Law degree at BPP Law School, passing both years with distinction. All this from a girl who 'failed' her eleven plus!"

"I'm now working in the city as a Solicitor. It has been an interesting journey and I often tell people about the start I received at Chalfonts."

"A massive thank you for the wonderful experience offered to my daughter by giving up part of your Easter break to go on the Sports Tour. My daughter had an amazing time and talked non-stop for 3 hours about it. We have noticed that her confidence has improved and she really enjoyed getting to know the other students and has made some new friends."

Living the Dream 

"I am now over a month into coaching soccer in the USA. I am coaching boys and girls of all age groups from under 6 to under 15, six days a week. Their commitment and love of soccer makes my job so interesting. Soon I will start to travel around the country to any of the 34 states in which the UK Initernational Soccer Camps has summer camps to do further coaching. I have no idea which I am going to be lucky enough to be placed in or how many I will have to travel to."

"Living the dream!! Loving the experience!! And getting paid for it....WOW!!"

"Thank you to all the staff at the Chalfonts Community College who helped me gain my skills."

Pastoral Care 

"Thank you to all the staff who helped provide the best care for my daughter after her accident today. The communication with the school nurse was excellent. Not only did she help sort out my daughter and the ambulance, she then provided support for my son, as I knew he would be distressed by the situation if he heard the news through the grave vine. I'd also like to thank the receptionist for her calm and reassuring approach to a panicking mother."

"I am amazed at my 15 year old daughter; she has such confidence and poise, which I'm sure she gained because of teachers at CCC. She joined Chalfonts in year 7 with a low opinion of herself as a learner. After 3 years she is succeeding beyond our (and her) wildest dreams.

  • Her English teacher has given her the confidence to believe that she can not only do English, but can actually be great at it.
  • The dedication and enthusiasm of her maths teacher has inspired my daughter to believe that she can achieve.
  • Her music teacher has inspired a work ethic in her that I never believed possible. She works amazingly hard at her music and I know this is because she has been valued as an individual which enabled her to believe in herself.
  • The Year Leader has been very supportive and very dedicated to her students. She has managed to get my daughter in the midst of 300 others - what an achievement that is.
  • The SEN team have, without making my daughter feel singled out or different , managed to encourage and support my daughter. She is now at the stage where I am confident in giving her to another school, being able to say that she doesn't need individual support.

She now has the skills that she needs to succeed. The Staff at Chalfonts have inspired my daughter to believe that Success is an Attitude - it is a lesson that will stand her in good stead for the rest of her life."

What Parents Say 

"I wanted to drop you a line to thank you most sincerely for all that the school and staff have done for my daughter over the last four years. My daughter joined the College in Year 8 having been very unhappy at a previous school. Since joining she has been much happier and totally focused. I have been really impressed by the level of comittment from each member of staff and the fantastic daily atmosphere in college. The Parents Consultation days have been frankly, the most impressive ones that I have ever attended. I was a teacher myself until recently and so have been to many of these occasions."

"Thank you so much for your letters home regarding progress and positve reinforcement regarding daughter has absolutely thrived on these comments. These letters are really the icing on the cake for her. I really appreciate you and your colleagues acknowledging her work in this way."

"My son attends Mr Sewell's technology class which he enjoys and has worked hard to complete his final coursework. Mr Sewell has been incredibly supportive and encouraging during this time and has been available on a regular basis both at lunchtimes and after school for the boys to continue with their coursework. I'd like to let you know how much this is appreciated."

What the Students Think 

"I had the pleasure of taking my daughter around the College during the recent Open Day. She had a notebook with her to make comments about her likes and dislikes...there were no 'dislikes'. Some of the comments were as follows:

Welcoming, friendly, Drama class - singing Grease songs, lots of instruments, cooking in the big kitchens, I love the massive art rooms and the monoprinting, I enjoyed touching the sheep organs in the science room, they do basketball, woodwork, lots of computers, making toys in textiles.

She loved being taken round and commented that the children looked smart! I felt proud to be a member of staff!"

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a great school environment, it really was fantastic and I can only look back on my time with fond memories. On leaving Chalfont, you really do leave with a different attitude to most other schools. Instead of just teaching you how to tick boxes and pass exams, they teach you how to become confident and adventurous in whatever path you choose. You really do leave with a great attitude towards the world and are un-daunted as to your future. I entered Chalfont hating school, but left feeling limitless. I really can't speak highly enough of the school and what you do."

"Chalfont's caring and suportive environment, together with the opportunity to excel academically, has helped me reach my full potential and move successfully and confidently on to University...and adult life."

"The teachers know you well: how you learn, how you think, what your weaknesses and strengths are, and encourage you to believe that 'Success is an Attitude'."

"Chalfonts has given me the confidence, enthusiasm and tools to succeed in a fast changing technological world."