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Year 11 Sixth Form Taster Day

On Thursday 1st February, 187 students from Year 11 took part in a 6th Form Taster Day. They chose 5 different subjects and attended those lessons i to assist them in making their post 16 choices. Comments from the feedback forms included the words: ‘fun, interactive, informative, entertaining, enjoyable, interesting, practical and well presented.

Some of the other comments were:

  • “It was good to see what each of the subjects I’m interested in would be like”.
  • “It was an enjoyable day that helped me to decide what I want to do next year”.
  • “It was very different from normal school and different from what I expected it to be”.
  • “We were treated more like adults and it was more interactive”.
  • “I liked the Business session because it showed me what I would be doing in the 6th Form. I enjoyed the practical we did in the lesson.”
  • “I was informed on what the course would include but also got to do activities. I really enjoyed looking at what previous students had done in Media Studies”.
  • “English was very engaging and extremely interesting. I was intrigued by the topics we will cover in 6th Form.”
  • “I liked doing the Art task with pen and ink and the designing task in Product Design”.
  • “My favourite sessions were Performing Arts and Business BTEC . I liked the lessons and the teacher explained the subject properly and gave good advice about taking it.”
  • “Fine Art was interesting and informative and it gave you a real feel of the fun and passionate side of that subject.
  • “Business and Economics and Maths were interesting and the teachers kept us intrigued”.
  • “Engineering and Product Design were interesting and engaging”.
  • “Chemistry and Biology were fun lessons that were very informative”.
  • “Performing Arts was a lot of fun and very active. You had complete control over your performance”.
  • “Psychology brought up a lot of interesting dialogue and clear cut information about the subject and gave a presentation that made us think about it afterwards”.

Well done to all the staff and students who worked hard to make the day a success. The next step in the 6th Form process is a Year 11Progression Interview. Your son/daughter will have an interview with one of the senior leaders to discuss plans for their post 16 education. Students will receive an interview date/time before half term and interviews will start the week commencing 19th February and continue for 3 weeks. Offers of a place in the 6th Form will be sent out in March/ April.

Martyn Way

Leader for Sixth Form