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Stem Goes Off With a Bang!

The subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths live comfortably together under the acronym of STEM. One of the big initiatives this year at Chalfonts has been to see all of Year 7 building rocket cars as part of the UK bid to exceed the land speed record with the Bloodhound car.

“Seeing the Bloodhound rocket car shooting across the courts was a sight to behold!!!!
The cars were picking up 70mph as the fastest timed car clocked 31miliseconds in a metre!!!”

STEM subjects are currently male dominated. However, it was encouraging to see a large number of girls really enjoying the designing and making of the cars in the workshops and then seeing the girls taking part igniting the engines and racing the cars.

A STEM club for Year 7 and 8 is currently being planned for Monday. This will include designing, using industry ready software and manufacturing using the 3D printer and other machines.

Mr Alex Hinge
Teacher of Engineering