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Back in October, twenty of our students from Year 10 and above began mentoring twenty students from Years 7 and 8. Through weekly 1-to-1 reading sessions in the LRC, our “Reader Leaders” have been practising and improving the literacy skills of our “Readers” through a series of reading, phonetic and quizzing challenges.

As the window for this academic year draws to a close, we’d like to thank our “Reader Leaders” for taking the time to work with our younger students and highlight the impact they’ve made on these young people’s lives. The positive changes in the confidence levels of the Readers, not just in reading situations but also in a social setting, have been terrific to see. In terms of the facts and figures, 100% of our readers have improved their “reading age” through the scheme, with some students making as many as two years’ progress. This has been a hugely beneficial and enjoyable scheme, perhaps best highlighted by the fact that many Readers and Reader Leaders have chosen to continue with the programme voluntarily until the summer holidays and then again from September onwards.

Our thanks and congratulations go to the following Reader Leaders: Jessica Higgins, Sophie Gilson, Rebecca Percival, Mia Perry, Max Giggins, Maisie Faulkner, Mitchell Cumber, Taran Sagoo, Molly Payne, Nimisha Chopra, Helena Augustine, Louis Cooke, Leah Widdows, Shaila Rajput, Eve Williams, Lucy Thorp, Bella Green and Freya Savage.

From September 2018, we would like to increase the impact of the programme. We intend to offer the scheme to around 40 Leaders who will work with either a Year 7 or 8 student. The programme will be delivered twice: initially from September to February half term and then from February until the summer holidays of 2019. If you would like your child to be involved as a Reader Leader from September onwards, feel free to contact either myself at HowardD’ or by 1st July 2018. Some of this year’s Reader Leaders have been able to use this voluntary experience as a way to meet the volunteering criteria of a Duke of Edinburgh Award, while others will no doubt use this on any work or further education CV.

Mr H D’Arcy
Leader for PE