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12 FREE bursary places for student events

 12 free bursary places for student events. 

These spaces are valid for any student from yr 11 through to yr 13 on any of the Easter events listed below:

April 9th – How do I get a career in Engineering

April 11th - How do I get a career in Finance

April 12th – How do I get a career in AI and robotics

April 15th – How do I get a career in TV and Film

April 16th – How do I get a career in Law

April 17th – What can I do with Physics and Aerospace

Spaces on these events are limited and are also advertised on Eventbrite to a wider audience ( on sale at £95 per ticket). They are held in respected employer venues or educational establishments and offer attendees the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, apprentices, undergraduates and Higher Education providers in a professional environment.

Please do make the most of these amazing events for your students – there is NO catch what so ever for either them or you – bookings must be done by emailing my colleague

Should you wish to take up any of the other amazing FREE opportunities that are available on this scheme to you and your students, please do contact us as soon as possible