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Head Boy & Girl Elections

This year I have had the honour of working with an amazing senior prefect team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Taylor Reardon, Jessica Keyes, Charlie Harper and Tegan Young-Blackman for all of their work. You have all worked exceptionally hard and have given our students some excellent role models to look up to. I know that you will be missed by both the staff and the students at CCC. We wish you luck in your exams and in your next adventures. 

However as one student team leaves us we welcome a new one. This year we have had a very competitive election. All students involved were fantastic and should be really proud of their conduct. I am however, pleased to announce the appointment of the following:
Head Boy: Llewelyn Woodman
Head Girl: Kate Ilsley
Deputy Head Boys: Lewis Drew and Jake Fenner
Deputy Head Girls: Lucy Howman and Poppy Bignell.

Our outgoing Head Boy, Taylor Reardon, had this to say about his year in office…
“Being Head Boy at The Chalfonts Community College has been one of the most extraordinary roles I have ever been given. Yes, it’s helped me grow as a person and built my confidence however the opportunities that it has offered me have just been phenomenal; talking in front of year groups in assemblies, supporting individuals in lessons and assisting at open days, parents’ evenings and award ceremonies too. I also had the privilege of being on the student panel for interviewing potential new Deputy Head Teachers at the College. This was a huge responsibility but provided me with some fantastic skills.

I have now studied at The Chalfonts Community College for 7 years during which I have gained some fantastic support from students, friends but most importantly staff. The Chalfonts has provided me with a safe, interactive and enjoyable working environment which I will take with me wherever I go in the future.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and students that have supported me at
my time at the College, and also the opportunity for my role as Head Boy.”