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First Aid - Accidents & Illness

The Medical room is the first point of contact regarding first aid or illness during the day, followed by Reception if the Medical room is unattended.

Any accident sustained on-site should be reported to the Medical room from where appropriate action will be organised, First Aid administered and follow-up action (i.e. advising parents, reporting etc.) will be undertaken.

Different first aid qualifications are held by various staff, a full list is displayed on various notice boards around the college. These include: First Aid at Work; Schools First Aid; Automated External Defibrillation; Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (Epipen/Jext) and Managing Medication and inhalers.

Should a student be referred to the Medical Room as being unwell during the day they will be assessed and most minor ailments will be treated with a drink, a little rest, a pain relief tablet, if parental consent has been given, and they will then be sent back to lessons.

If they are unable to return to lessons parents/carers will be contacted to collect them.

Students should not contact home if they are unwell or experiencing other problems, as this can cause undue concern to their parents. If parents receive such a call from their child, they should tell them to go to the Medical room and also telephone the college, to speak to a member of staff, who will investigate the matter and return your call. Please don’t arrange with your child that you will come to college and collect them.