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Bus Travel

Buckinghamshire County Council Home to College Transport

Home to College transport is operated by Buckinghamshire County Council who expect, like we do, excellent behaviour whilst using the transport.

This is essential for the safety of all passengers and the driver.

  • If your child uses this service you are responsible for their behaviour on the bus.
  • Failure to meet our expectations may result in your child being banned from the bus and/or fined.
  • If your child is banned from the bus you will need to find an alternative way to get your child to and from College. You must ensure that your child attends College.
  • Although we will try to help you with any problem in school, for transport related issues it is often better to contact County Transport directly on 01296 387439.

Basic Expectations: In the morning

  • Please arrive 5 minutes earlier than stated and wait sensibly at the side of the road.
  • Wait a reasonable time before going home if the bus is late (up to 30 minutes on a fine day).
  • Do not jostle and push to get on the bus; wait until it has stopped before moving towards it.
  • Behaviour at your stop is important. At all times you are providing an image of The Chalfonts Community College. There should be no pushing, bad language or smoking.

Basic Expectations: On the bus

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Take your rubbish home.
  • Wear seat belts, and store belts correctly at the end of the journey.
  • It is your responsibility to wear your seat belt.
  • Do not distract the driver.
  • Remain seated throughout the journey. Do not stand up.
  • Respect each other, the bus and especially the driver.

Basic Expectations: In the afternoon

  • Go straight to the buses.
  • If you miss the bus, firstly see the teacher on duty at the bus park and then go straight to the front office and ask to use the telephone to make arrangements to get home.

Important Reminders

  • You MUST have a valid bus pass for your coach available at all times.
  • You CANNOT take friends home on your bus.
  • You cannot swap coaches for any reason.
  • If you lose your pass you must get a replacement from Reception.

Home to College Travel and Behavioural Policy

The way you behave when going to and from College says a lot about you, your family and The College. This policy gives good advice on how to behave in a manner which brings credit to you, your family and The College. When travelling to and from College, the normal College rules apply, including:

  • The wearing of College uniform correctly
  • No fighting
  • No bullying
  • No smoking
  • No spitting
  • No vandalism
  • No swearing or verbal aggression
  • If you see any misconduct, please report it to the driver/conductor of the bus/train or a Police officer and inform The College as soon as possible.

Travelling by foot or cycle

  • Use approved footpaths and roads only. Do not take shortcuts through private property.
  • Follow the Highway Code.
  • Ensure your cycle is roadworthy, has the correct lights, and that you wear a helmet.
  • Avoid cycling in large groups.
  • Do not walk in large groups which others may find threatening.
  • Respect other people's property.

When travelling by bus or train

  • Students who travel on buses or trains also have a responsibility to behave well.
  • Wait for bus or trains in an orderly manner without disturbing others.
  • Take care when getting on and off vehicles.
  • Sit one person per seat and remain seated throughout the journey.
  • Do not throw things inside the vehicle or out of windows.
  • Do not intimidate or be rude to other passengers and respect the rights of other students to travel without fear of bullying.
  • Do not shout or disturb the driver.
  • Carry out any instructions given by the driver.

If behaviour is unacceptable, or the driver is unable to focus on driving the bus safely, it may be necessary for them to stop the bus or to return everyone to College.

The College's response to students who fail to observe this policy

  • All cases of misconduct will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken, which might include:
  • Official warnings
  • Adoption of a seating plan
  • Detentions
  • Exclusion
  • Payment for any damage caused
  • Ban from the transport for a period of time
  • Criminal damage or behaviour will be reported to the Police. Such issues will be treated seriously. Unacceptable behaviour through thoughtless and selfish action, which brings The College's name into disrepute, will not be tolerated.

Bus Pass Queries

For new bus passes and queries regarding existing bus passes please ring 01296 387439

Carousel Public Bus Information: 104 & 106/107

Carousel Buses provide public transport to The Chalfonts Community College.  Please click on this link to their website:

A guide is also attached with the relevant information, including prices and timetable. Click here to view routes and zones: Carousel Zone Map