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Young Writers Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to Aleksandar Pavlov (Year 8) who entered the ‘Young Writers’ Poetry Competition’ and did brilliantly.
His inspirational poem, ‘The Unearthly Chasm’ has now been published in the Young Writers’ Anthology, ‘The Poetry

The Unearthly Chasm - By Aleksander Pavlov

There are many things down this inky black abyss, much more to see than the naked eye can perceive. 
There are more colours in this profound gorge than anywhere in the multiverse, that we do not even dare to ponder in our small fleshy brains.

In fact, this unobservable phenomenon puts us to shame and mocks our existence. For that, we are irresponsible and homuncular creatures.

This object in space-time has existed forever, much longer than even our own cosmos. It has witnessed our very creation, it does not age; time simply bends around this hole in the fabric of space.

This perplexing flaw in the space-time continuum contains information, valuable information that could change the future of worlds.

Cryptid civilisations unknown to humans yet, know of it; fear it's power to change everything ever known to them. This unsolvable puzzle alters our universal rules, it's the most minuscule of things; smaller than a quark but also the greatest, most prodigious object to exist!

What is it, for we shall never know.

It will continue to baffle our greatest minds and the ones who know of its existence.
This is what we must call... and Unearthly Chasm.