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Year 7 Cars Rocket Through to National Finals

Thank you to Simon Collins and his team at Astarcor for helping our Year 7s secure first and fourth places at the regional heats of the ‘Race for the Line’ rocket car championships. Astarcor is a local company which is based in High Wycombe and they specialize in injection moulding. They very generously agreed to provide us with 300 injection-moulded Delrin wheels to go with our own light-weight designed cars.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to them for their generosity and would also like to congratulate our Year 7 teams who represented us at the regional competition at RAF Halton amidst a cohort of a dozen other local schools.

Congratulations to our 1st placed team comprising of Mimi Rogers, Mason Rogers and Alex Hamilton-Cox who blew the other entries away with a run of 19.2ms through the timing gate, compared to an overall average on the day of 45ms! To give some sense of this achievement, 19.2ms equates to a speed through the timing gate of 113mph!

Congratulations to our other team which consist of Harry Bond, Mariella Donaldson, Harrison Green and Daniel Moore who placed 4th. This was also an impressive achievement. The winning team will now progress to the national final which takes place at RAF Wittering in Lincolnshire at the end of June.

Wish them luck!