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Head Boy/Girl Elections

Last term we elected a new Head Girl and Head Boy, plus their deputies for the sixth form.

Head girl: Priya Dhatt, Deputies: Lucy Magor, Lucy Brooker
Head boy: Adam Day, Deputies: Chaydine (Hance) Do-Oma, Jamie Woods

The following students were also nominated by their teachers who felt would make great student ambassadors:

Ella Casey-Priday, Rahul Kapur, Rosie Monger, Jack Pittman, Emily Warren and Hannah Yates.

All those involved in the process made a “campaign” speech to the teachers and sixth formers who voted
for them. Well done to them.

Our outgoing Head Boy Llewelyn Woodman, had this to say about his year in office…
“My year as Head Boy has been a fulfilling and an eventful one. In this role I have developed to become a more accomplished public speaker and endeavoured to be a role model to all students. With the support of an excellent team, we have set in motion the process of restoring and planting many trees here at Chalfonts. This will hopefully be completed next year by the new set of leaders, to give back something to the school and the environment.

In student voice meetings I have worked with students of all ages and together we collaborated on different areas whereby students seeking to progress at school could flourish, thus creating a more interconnected Chalfonts.

In the future I hope to attend Southampton University and complete an Environmental Science degree. In order to achieve this I have had so much support from many subject teachers who have helped me achieve my goals. I am grateful for this opportunity as serving The Chalfonts has been an absolute pleasure and I will miss the school atmosphere and community very much. I wish the new Head Girl and Head Boy all the best with their future endeavours.”