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Sixth Form visit Museum of Empire at Canary Wharf in London

The A level History group recently travelled into London to visit the London Docklands Museum at Canary Wharf.

For well over one hundred years London docks was the First Port of Empire. The area was known as the warehouse to the world. Imports and exports came through the London docks bringing in exotic goods from all parts of the British Empire. This included tea from India, silk from the Far East, lamb from New Zealand, cotton from America, sugar from the West Indies and coffee from Africa and South America. The museum gives a glimpse into what life was like at that time and the impact of the docks on London and the people who lived in the area.

As part of our day out in London, the students walked under the Thames from the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich through the Victorian pedestrian tunnel beneath the Thames. We arrived in Greenwich to see the Cutty Sark a tea clipper from Empire that would travel to China and India to bring back tea.

A great day out that truly brought history to life.
Mr Leybourne, History Department