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Yr10 Succeed at Work Experience (07/16)

Our Yr10 students have just completed a week of work experience. Some of these placements may well lead to future career opportunities. 

Students have had the chance to understand how organisations work and develop their confidence and ability to work with others.  For some students it may have helped them decide a career path for the future.

Work Experience placements ranged from working behind the scenes of a theatre, helicopter repair and servicing, graphic design, experiencing the different areas of a large hotel chain, shadowing and assisting a solicitor and accompanying her to court, sports coaching, IT Support, glass making and picture framing, finance, teaching assistant – the list goes on.

There are so many success stories it would be unfair to name individuals, but here are some of the comments the school has received from employers:

“A natural carer, how does someone so young have so much understanding and empathy for caring for young adults with learning difficulties.  We want to keep her as part of our team – does she have to go back to school?”

“Instinctively he wants to understand how something works and has the patience to disassemble something and put it back together.  He’s going to be a great engineer.”

“What a very talented and creative student!”

“The student has shown a desire to want to learn the business.  A quick learner and confident to ask questions to ensure their full understanding.  A great candidate for employment within our organisation.”

“Mature and professional.”

“A great ambassador for their school and a credit to their parents.”

“Our organisation would offer this student an apprenticeship tomorrow.  She has an excellent work ethic.”

As a school we are really proud of our Yr10’s and how well they have conducted themselves in their working environments and we hope they have found their experiences valuable and worthwhile.