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Geography Students in Swanage

On the 21st of April 2017 a group of Year 10 geography students visited the ALLNATT centre located in
Swanage. Over the weekend we visited three different locations; Swanage Beach, Studland, Old Harry and Swanage town to put fieldwork skills into use.

At our first location, Swanage beach, we were divided into groups. This is where we collected our first set of data which involved results based upon costal processes and defences. In order to be most accurate in the results the groups had to learn how to use various equipment to work out beach profile, distance between sediment and top of groyne, pebble analysis, float measurements, wind direction and wind speed.
The next day we visited the Studland beach area and Old Harry to carry out sand dune transects and other tests across the beach which gave us data for: the angle of the slope; soil temperature, infiltration rate, soil pH, air temperature and wind speed.  This was part of the study of tourism management located across
Studland Bay.

When we arrived back at the centre, after a three hour walk to study the Old Harry rocks, we were given the opportunity to write up our analysis and turn the data into visual graphs which showed the results in a way which was easier to understand. This was done during the evening lessons (7 to 9pm).  
Overall the seventy-six students had a great time and enjoyed their experience studying in the town of
Swanage where they were able to put their knowledge and skills to use and gain some amazing results…

Chloe Turner & Jessica Holdship