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Year 7 time travellers

Starting early, forty-nine Year 7 students left school to begin their day out to the Black Country Living Museum
in Dudley, in the Midlands.

On arrival we were quickly escorted to an ironmonger’s shop where vivid descriptions were given to the students of life during the industrial revolution. We then walked through the Victorian village, containing back to back terraced housing with their outside loos and past various factories, finishing at the canal.

We climbed onto the canal barges sporting our hard hats and onto our journey through the limestone caverns.
These caverns were created by workers digging out the minerals to provide iron ore and flux for the iron and steel making. The forty-five minute journey took us back to pre-historic times and a lesson in geology. The huge underground caverns are truly magnificent with their fossils and displays from ancient times. A break for lunch allowed us to sample the ‘fayre’ from the authentic fish & chip shop, the workers institute café and the Victorian pub, each providing plenty of opportunity to sample the food on offer.

Following a good lunch we walked to the coal mine entrance. On with our hard hats again and carrying our torches we ventured into the dark depths of the coal mine. With our Victorian guide to show us the way, we became witnesses to the challenging conditions in a Victorian coal mine. For coal miners and children as young as nine years old, it was hard, dirty and dangerous work. We finally exited the mine into the warmth and bright sunlight of the summer’s day.
Then it was off to have a look around some unique housing within the museum ground to gain an impression
of home life for the workers before heading back through the gift shop and onto the coach for our return
journey. A very interesting and exciting day enjoyed by all.

Mr Leybourne, History department