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Freddie Sacrifices Hair for Action 4 Archie

On Tuesday 19th December Freddy Newbert raised a large amount of money for Action 4 Archie and World Challenge. All students were allowed to wear trainers for a contribution of £1. In return, Freddy shaved off his hair. It was a great thing that Freddy did and we hope that the money raised will get well spent on research.

Here’s a little more about Archie and Muscular Dystrophy:
Archie Hill is in 7G5. You may have seen him walking around the school. Archie has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a muscle wasting condition that affects mainly boys and it makes walking and running very difficult. It can also lead to paralysis. Some boys with Duchenne lose their ability to walk as early as age 10. At present there is no cure for Duchenne.

Archie's family set up 'Action 4 Archie' six years ago with the aim of raising funds to support research into finding a cure for the condition. So far 'A4A' has donated over £190,000 to Muscular Dystrophy UK. It is the largest charity that supports people with muscle wasting conditions and funds research into Duchenne.

We all take for granted the simple things in life, but for Archie, even putting his school shoes on is really difficult. Take a moment and think about it, just getting up from the floor or rising from a chair is something Archie may not be able to do one day; a simple flight of stairs is already a real problem for him.

Message from Freddy Newbert - "Over the last four years of being friends with the Hill family, I have found that, despite their situation, they are the most supportive family they could possibly be to Archie. Archie continues to smile every day and his determination to keep going is unreal.
So please if you have a moment please donate to 'Action4Archie' by using this link: https://www.justgiving.
or by searching 'Action for Archie Just Giving'