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2023/24 Timetables: Written & Practical Exams

The examination timetables provided show both internal and external examinations together with some other forms of assessment. These are correct at the time of 'going to press', but there are occasions where changes have to be made - please check here for the most up-to-date versions available (you can find the latest examination timetable at the bottom of this page). There are many other regular internal assessments that take place in lessons throughout Year 7 to 13 that are too numerous to be included here. All timetables are also emailed to students well in advance.

Controlled Assessments

Controlled assessments contribute to the overall GCSE grade in a number of subjects. They involve students completing a specific piece of work, usually over a fixed length of time, with teacher supervision. The actual length of task and level of supervision are different for different subjects.



Students must ensure that they are fully prepared for every assessment. This includes:

  • Being 100% focused on learning in lessons.
  • Completing all the homework set, including catching up on any missed work.
  • Seeking help from teachers when needed.

Failure to do all of the above will have an impact on progress at the College and student's final levels of achievement.

For revision in particular, students should make full use of all the resources available. These include:

  • Past Examination Papers - this is VITAL to examination success
  • Online revision software such as My Maths
  • Textbooks and revision guides - many revision guides are available from the school shop.

Students must ensure that coursework deadlines are met and that they act to make any necessary improvements to their work based on the advice given by their teachers.


Student attendance throughout Years 7 to 13 is a critical factor in levels of achievement at GCSE and A-level. Students must not miss an assessment, as it may not be possible to take it at a later date. If a student is unsure about whether they are required to take a particular assessment, they must check this with their teachers. If there are conditions (e.g. a serious illness, or a personal circumstance such as family death) that prevent a student attending a scheduled assessment, parents must contact The College immediately for further advice.

Exam Room Regulations

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the 'rules' for all assessments. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification. In the most serious circumstances, this can lead to disqualification from all courses being taken. All exam boards operate a common set of rules (or Code of Conduct), these are provided below.

For the 'Information for Candidates Documents', please see the JCQ Website:

Examination Boards

There are five main examination boards (known as Awarding Bodies) that we use for examination entries. These are: AQA, OCREdexcel, CCEA, and WJEC. Details of the course content (known as the Specification) and past (or sample) examination papers are provided on their websites.

Important Contact Information

Should you have any questions pertaining to examinations, results, appeals, etc. please use the following email address:
General Enquiries: