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The Chalfonts Community College

Success is an Attitude!
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Good literacy skills are vitally important to the development of all individuals and as a school we see the promotion and teaching of literacy as the responsibility of every adult. Literacy includes reading, writing and communication and students need to be aware of the importance of all of these areas. To help focus on literacy in the school we do many things. There are Literacy Mats available in classrooms to support and remind students about the basics, such as punctuation, but they also help to strengthen students' writing with connectives and information on how to construct different sentences. The use of the whole school Literacy Marking Code means that all teachers when marking books need to focus on literacy, as well as their subject content. Literacy errors should be circled in the book and the correct code applied: e.g. SP is used to identify a spelling mistake and CL an error with a capital letter. Finally, in each half term we have a specific focus to drive forwards.