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The Chalfonts Community College

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Returning to School on Crutches

The Chalfonts Community College requires a letter from a medical professional (GP, hospital etc.) detailing exactly what injury has been sustained before accepting responsibility for a student on crutches. 

This letter should include details of whether the student is required to use crutches in school and for approximately how long. Further information to be detailed, if possible, including: when weight bearing should begin and any follow-up appointments (fracture clinics, physiotherapy etc.) Looking after students on crutches is not a responsibility taken lightly by the school and without clear medical information, potentially puts the school and students at risk. 

Students are not permitted to return to school on crutches that have been obtained from means other than a professional/medical establishment i.e. friends, football coaches etc.  It is essential that equipment has been officially checked out either by a GP or A&E.