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The Chalfonts Community College

Success is an Attitude!
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At The Chalfonts Community College we offer a progressive and engaging curriculum; divided into a two year Key Stage Three and a three year Key Stage Four. Structuring the curriculum in this way has allowed us to increase flexibility in what is the most important and challenging part of the Secondary School curriculum.

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to progress to further education and higher education based on a personalised curriculum at GCSE that meets their needs. Our curriculum has helped us meet the changes that are occurring at Key Stage Four. 

GCSEs and A-Levels are getting harder. As such it is imperative that we give more time to teaching the skills and content that the new curriculum demands.

Finally, this structure helps the College meet the new 'attainment' and 'progress' measures implemented by the DfE. The changes require that all students perform highly in eight subjects (inc. English and Maths), not just five. It stands to reason, therefore, that students will benefit from giving more room in the GCSE curriculum to develop the knowledge and skills required.

For more detailed information about each key stage, please use the links.