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Medical Conditions

Only staff who have attended a Managing Medication in Schools training can administer medication to students. We currently have five staff trained to do this.

Pain relief for minor ailments

With parental permission, and other safeguards being carried out, the correct dosage of paracetamol for pain relief for minor ailments will be given to students.  The Consent form must be signed by parents and filed in the Medical room.

Personal Medication

This will be kept securely in the Medical room and must be accompanied by consent forms. It is the parent/carers responsibility to ensure that any medication supplied is within its ‘use by’ date and is replaced as necessary.

All personal medication MUST be collected at the end of each school year and be taken home or it will be disposed of.

Students are not permitted to carry their own medication, except Adrenaline Auto-Injectors; insulin or inhalers. This is a safeguarding issue to protect students from taking an incorrect dose or from giving it to other students.

Medication for specific conditions

Insulin:  Students with diabetes, who have insulin injections, are encouraged to keep their insulin and blood glucose monitoring equipment in the Medical room but, with written parental permission, may keep it on them if they wish. It is advisable for individual students to have a spare glucose monitoring kit in the Medical room

Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (Epipen or Jext):  Students who may suffer a severe allergic reaction, and have been prescribed an Adrenaline Auto-Injector (Epipen or Jext), must keep it on them at all times. It is recommended that a spare is kept in the Medical room but some GPs will not prescribe for this.

Asthma Medication:  Immediate access to reliever medication is essential.  Students with asthma must carry their reliever inhaler at all times.

It is highly recommended that parents/carers provide a spare reliever inhaler, clearly labelled with the student’s name.  It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that the medication is within the ‘use by date’.  This will be kept in the Medical room in case the student’s inhaler runs out, or gets lost/forgotten.

Other Prescribed Medication:  Prescribed medication that may be needed during the school day should be kept securely in the Medical room and be given to students as instructed on their Medical Health Care Plan or Administration of Medication form.  Antibiotics that are prescribed for 3 times a day do not need to be brought to college. They can be taken before college, on return home and bedtime.